Protector(石を吐き出す女) -protector Lady carrying stone
Protector(石を吐き出す女) -protector Lady carrying stone
protector Lady carrying stone
*2017金沢21世紀工芸祭 のための作品シリーズ「Protector」

2016年より右腕の故障が続き、体を固定するコルセットなどの’プロテクター’に出会う。 故障の要因は、手術した左足の古傷を守る事から始まり、精神の弱さを保護するために 出来上がった姿勢でもある。 そんな中、精神と肉体のリハビリで土に触れながら大地のプロテクター「土嚢」に心を奪われる。 様々な形状に積まれた土嚢は、その後ろに大切なモノがある証であり、城の石垣のような建造物になっ たり人を高みへ運ぶ階段となったり、、。土を袋に入れる事で実用品として変容する様は、陶器と同じ であるとも考えた。そこで、この工芸祭では人間を建造物のように、そしてその建造物の弱点を 補う土嚢の様を絵にし、造形にしたいと考えプレート型のセラミック作品と絵画等で表現してみた。
またプロテクターには保護者という意味もあり、私の創作のテーマである skinship burny(親から子への愛情の希薄による弊害)にも繋がると考えた。

I have injured my right arm last year, noticed that this slowly happened because I was always protecting my previously-injured left foot without my recognition. That led me to find supporters and corsets of all kinds, so-called "protectors". From my understanding, this indicates the inner
vulnerability of my body and soul, that I'd been always trying to disguise. To create artwork with Clay does not only make me feel comfortable but also have therapeutic effects for myself. Clay is a protector of the earth. Clay covers the surface of the nature, naturally my interest moved to " sandbags".
This is the reason why I draw lots of protectors(sandbags) and express myself with ceramic art. Sandbags change their shape to fit into any occasions. Usually they are used to protect something behind, something important. They could work as stone fences for castles, could be stairs to take us to a higher place.
The way bagged sands change their shape is very similar to the way how ceramics change their shape. I like expressing myself in ceramic art and in paintings because of the versatile possibilities. I love creating humans in my art as buildings and sandbags as their supporter protector to add strength.
English word "protector" also means "guardian", that explains the theme of my art works called "Skinship Burny", where I interpret the obstruction caused by lack of love between parents and children.

サイズ:W180 X H250 /fream W280X H340
素材:Paper/Acrylic/charcoal/colored pencil